Sunday, July 1, 2012

what are you up to? summer!

This is quite old picture I made in Croatia. It was nice and sunny there and sea was awesome as well. I was so tanned when I came back! Well I decided to share it because I like it and its another summer ahead so what are You gonna do with that? I've always had it divided because when its summer, work and free time were always in balance because both is same important to me. So I guess this summer won't be an exception!


  1. Za mě super.. vyvolává to ve mě pocit, že bych hned jela k moři :)

  2. Taky se mi líbí :) Pěkná kompozice, fajn, že vidíme i co je na druhé straně, hezké barvy.

  3. I'd go back to France again..