Saturday, September 29, 2012

cause i fall in love with the seaside

so here we go. I just uploaded couple of pictures from our holiday in Bulgaria. Its been amazing 8 days I really enjoyed. It was relaxing and nice so it made me realized I really needed this. Its really good to just chill and enjoy new places, food and all the atmosphere. Those pictures are mainly details from Bulgaria but in the last one You can see the best Bulgarian beer. Seriously dont even try to drink different ones. This one is totally the winner. I've tried alll of them . Or actually all of those that were served in the restaurants. With the vitterness nemined me of Pilsner but of course, Pilsner is the best. Well I added these pictures to think about my summer a bit. I enjoyed it a lot. And my school starts in 2 days. Its crazy to realize that these 3 month ran so fast. But there is beautiful Autumn coming so its up to us how do we deal with this. I dont know what about You but Im gonna enjoy it very much!


  1. Whenever there's end of holidays approaching I think back and I am like - did I do my best to enjoy this? But then, phylosophically :) - of course I did, because at the moment it felt like enough :)
    Today is really nice autumn day and actually I can't wait to wear some fall outfits already :) Photos are awesome as usually!

  2. Krásné fotky :) Na spoustě míst bych chtěla být okamžitě!