Monday, January 28, 2013

4 favorite blog places

Blog storage of ideas from fashion and lifestyle from heads of young couple David&Sabinna. Inspirational. When I first saw their page I literally couldn't stop broswing it.

As the name says, its a blog  of couple. They share pictures and beautiul videos and you can feel that those guys like fashion very much because they always dress nice, clean and original.

Interesting page of a young girl spreding out her originality and ideas in photography. Her blog is about fun so if you're looking for something boring, look for somewhere else then.

A place for Berlin lovers like me. Blog where they interview people and make picture in their flats, they share  ideas where to go to eat in Berlin and also write about interesting shops. Always picture include.


  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite blogs!


    Britt + Whit

  2. Love the last one! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, I write in Dutch. My english isn't that bad, I used to write in English, but I feel like I can express myself better in Dutch. My jokes are better in Dutch too, haha :).

  3. oh, we just found it! thanks a lot! :*

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies