Tuesday, February 25, 2014

everyday month project: glasses

Name: glasses
Duration: 25.2.-25.3.2014
Type of the project: photography, selfportrait

The phenomenon of a "selfie" got my attention and brought a lot of questions. Basically, when you have the opportunity to photograph things you got two options. Photograph the external world which is the world around you or turn the camera opposite direction and photograph yourself. The first question is Why are we doing this? Is it because we want to share it with somebody we love, we want to show off (share it with bunch of annonyms on instagram) or is it that it actually brings us pleasure to photograph ourselfs? The second question is What is behind that? Is it simple boredom or is it something else?

These selfies will be connected with a purpose, which is the aim of accomplishing this everyday month project & they will be bounded by couple of rules as well: see below. During this project I will also do a little social research about selfies and ask people about it. Let's see what I find out.


1) glasses must be in the picture
2) real day, no filter, no edits
3) everytime different location
4) add description (sentence, quote,word) that really fits your current mood
5) enjoy


Maike, Germany : " Its not just lately, its since forever. People want not to be forgotten.The goal of the selfie is that people want to hear comments. They wanna hear "Oh ure sooo beautiful". 

Eddie, Malmo : "if not do it artistic, my care level is very low. But i am very pretentions as a person" , "Instagram pictures are not cool"

Martin: " Myslim ze to souvisi s narcismem a sebeprezentaci resp. Sebenaplnenim... mozna take nizkym sebevedomin... vetsinou delaji selfies hlavne asi lidi v koupelne pred zrcadlem... Pripada mi to hrozne zprofanovane hlavne diky FB, kdy tam nekdo dava selfie kazdy den..."

25.2.2014, train to Copenhagen, "fullfiled"

26.2.2014, metro station Ørestad, CPH "inspired"
28.2.2014, Open space gallery, CPH, "playful"

27.2.2014, Nørrebro station, CPH, "The Gaslight
Anthem - Here's Looking at You Kid"

1.3.2014, University café Mødestet,CPH, "dizzy"

2.3.2014, Islands Brygge metro, CPH, "Southpaw
Cover boy rythm, looking fwd to meet my dear friend"

3.3.2014, my bed, Malmo, "waiting for your skypecall baby"

4.3.2014,train station CPH, "Memories are something that
we carry inside of our hearts and nobody can steal
them away from us"
5.3.2014, metro to my school, CPH, "Lars von Trier

6.3.2014, my bathroom, Malmo "some people are double
-faced I think"
7.3.2014, my room, Malmo, "Distance dont matter"

8.3.2014, National Gallery of Denmark, CPH,"Having great time"  
9.3.2014, seaside, Malmo, "A nice day for Kierkegaard"

10.3.2014, train to Malmo, "beautiful sunsets
make me happy"

11.3.2014, Malmo C trainstation, Malmo.
"Create.That all that matters"

12.3.2014, infront of my house,Malmo, "superhungry"
13.3.2014, bus stop, Malmo, "lets have some fun today"


14.3.2014, DB Ryen concert hall,CPH
"Classical music: The longer the reflection
of the sound is, the better it sounds"
15.3.2014, infront of the Museum of CPH,CPH,
"We're not just skin and bones"


16.3.2014, Some old theatre,CPH, "Now lets do your
stupidest smile you can do -> I actually like
 this guy but start to hate this project"
17.3.2014, library, CPH, "St. Patrick's day and I
am stuck in the library with Kierkegaard. Well.Is it all
about the point of view?"

19.3.2014, Danish culture class,CPH, "Could
you possibly make it any more boring please?"

18.3.2014, somewhere on my way to school in
between of Malmo and CPH, "Peter Bjorn and
John- Second chance"

20.3.2013, library I guess 2nd floor, CPH
"only five more days. Seriously,everybody
should try this selfie project and you will never
want to do any more selfies. I can guarantee that"

21.3.2013, my friend's appartment, CPH, " lets get this St.Patrick's-
late-party started!!"

22.3.2014,  bus station (I have no idea
which exactly), Malmo, "Now I dont have to
worry, I have found my superhero"

23.3.2014, at school, building 11 I guess, CPH,
"Shared toilet, thats a dream,hm?"

24.3.2014, on my way to school from my new
flat, somewhere in CPH, "I feel like mood
chameleon today. Had really low point but now
feel really inspired by the two amazing artists I
have met"
25.3,2014, Infront of building 21 at school, CPH,
"Each of us has an inner idiot inside ( Lars
von Trier - The Idiots )"

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