Thursday, March 20, 2014

light blue pleasure

This beautiful weather makes my eyes happy. Visually attractive things, spots, angles, reflections which I can't get enough of. I will be moving from Malmo to Copenhagen in two weeks and I am really excited. My new place rocks! Its great neighbourhood, lots of green spots and things to do.

I have contacted one gallery and asked for an internship there.Now I am waiting for an answer. I really hope it will work! In April I am going to be volunteering at PIX film festival. They have lots of cool film screening there so I cant wait to see some of the movies. And because I have been overloaded by school lately, my head is full of Kierkegaard and Kant so I can hardly focus on something else. Photography brings me joy and together with swimming its one of the activities when my thoughts calm down and I dont have to think about anything else. I should seriously go to swim sometimes.

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