Saturday, May 10, 2014

your money is worth shit to us


boat trip around Copenhagen and later on excursion to Sweden /Malmo and other places/ Its funny because we visited exactly the same place where I was living for first two months. Just next to famous "turning torso" tower in Malmo. Behind this shape stands inspiration by the shape of human body and there are maily private appartments inside. The area around it is marvelous. Little houses, water and great enviroment makes people feel safe and you almost got  not-in-a-city feeling from it. This boat trip was supercool. It was for free and it was fun to see the city from different perspective. Biking is cool but this was something entirely different.Well I have been thinking about the value of money lately and I came to conclusion that I carry inside for a long time already. Best things in your life are for free. And that sign on the wall you can see in the second picture made me smile.

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  1. Naozaj krasne fotky! :) mrkni urcite aj k nam na give away myslim ze ceny ta budu zaujimat ;)