Monday, March 12, 2012

Its time to eat something good

I decided to add some pictures of great food that I tasted lately. First two pictures are from my favorite café in Prague - café Sicily. Close to Náměstí Republiky. Its interior is simple and clean and it reminds me café Calma close to Dejvická metro station. I enjoy going there because they always have 4 daily lunch menu and its truly hard to choose what to eat. They also have a good coffee and staff are always very kind.

Last picture is one of my favorite food. Its very simple and easy to do. And tastes great. Me and my boy call it student's food which means that its cheap but it doesnt mean its not tasty - actually the real opposite. It all depends how You do it ( how much spices You add etc. ). Its basically baked potatoes. and all You need is - are - potatoes, about 200ml of cream, ham, cheese, salt and pepper. Before baking You need to cook potatoes a bit for about 10 mins and then put it all into Your owen. ( ham and cheese cutted into little pieces ) and bake until You think its good. We baked that for about 25mins I guess. Its easy to do and so tasty. Thats one of things I enjoy. Cooking at home. Its usually cheaper and also funny to do it on Your own. Bon Appetite!

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