Saturday, March 3, 2012

Book swap afternoon

It was a nice day-exactly a week ago. It was an event in BIO OKO cinema and it was about swaping books which seemed to be very exciting so I decided to attend. And I did a right thing. I brought 6 or 7 books. Some of them were brand new and some already read. And I got some interesting titles instead. What surprised me was seeing couple english philosophical books there. I mean a lot of them. For instance Metaphysics from Aristotle. First I felt a bit tempted to take some of them but then I decided to leave it to some bigger philosophical expert than I am. However I enjoyed Club-Mate drinking a lot and I also accidentally met a friend there which made me smile because I realized that these situations are actually very nice. I mean accidentally meeting friend that You really like. Then my sister arrived and took some pictures as well. - as You can see, me in the last picture. And what I need to say is that the idea of swaping books is really great. Because the book that You dont really enjoy anymore, lonely laying in Your bookshelf thanks to this still has a chance to find a new happy owner that will love it.

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  1. I really love most of them, probably most I like the first one, but it's hard to say. They're realyl wonderful.