Thursday, February 23, 2012

Poster exhibition

These are pictures from Goethe institut in Prague. They are taken in autumn 2010. It was a private exhibition that almost nobody knew about. It was for free and I was  there completely alone which made me feel great because I could make pictures and nobody stared at me as on freaky-strange positions-photographer girl. ( Because I usually do that when I want to do the great picture and I know Im close to it. Close to a great light and position of the object. I for example go down a bit and turn my head and camera in a very specific way that nobody from passing by-people understand. But whatever ) I basically wanted to say that I enjoyed that a lot because it was a great autumn sunny day. That was actually an accident that I found these pictures in my pc because I was kind of re-arranging my pc files a bit so I completely forgot about these pictures. But Im happy I found them because now I could remember a great day that I enjoyed a lot.

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