Friday, April 27, 2012

National theatre exhibition

Well I decided to add some pore pics and also pretty cool video from  the same place as the first two pictures are. Its infront of the National theatre and I need to say Im really happy that there are these exhibitions and happenings lately. It always been more like a place for skate guys to me or it was just place You went through when You needed to. But this Sunday me and my sister found out that there is happening something like dancing lesson for lots of people so we came closer and it was pretty cool. there was a live music first and some guys were dancing Irish dances or something and then some people from modern-disco-whatever dances came up on the stage and they said that everybody can dance now. Well first of all I was excited to dance too but I had lot of bags and stuff and I also found out it was quite fast for me so I decided just watch. And I also made a short video for You so You can also see how did it look like.


  1. I love that glass house, I've seen it the other day and its really beautiful. DonT you happen to know if there's any light inside of it at night? It would be magical, if it made colorful lights at evening, no? :) I should figure it out!
    (I shaked crumbs out of my keyboard but some of them got stucked between letters and now it makes really funny noises when I type. :D)

    beautiful photos as usually!

  2. I really like the glass wall behind the photos.

    Have a lovely day.

    Lots of love,