Thursday, May 3, 2012

Deeper shades New York

Another supergreat photo exhibition in Leica Gallery Prague. It was called Deeper Shades New York and I think that the photographer, Andreas H. Bitesnich is really cool. I've read an interview with him couple weeks ago and he said that he was always photographing only the acts ( nude pictures ) and after he went to photograph acts to Brazil ( or some other exotic country, I dont really remember ) and only pictures that he made there were just acts so he felt a little bit sad because he didnt have any pictures of the nature and of for example the atmosphere of the city. So he decided he will make some pictures of not-acts as well. And he tried to photograph NY. Not in the way that everybody knows. But NY's secrets, shades and deep atmosphere. And he did a great job. We enjoyed the exhibition a lot and coffee afterwards as well. 


  1. amazing photos again! :) Hey, did you hear about the new galerry which is in Holešovice? It's called DOX gallery or something like that and it's gallery of modern art. My dad said it was raelly cool and if he says that about modern art, it has to be really cool. Unfortunately there are no cool exhibitions right now, one of photography ended week ago :( BUt check it out anyways, I think oyu might be interested.

    1. thank you sweety <3 yea I know DOX. Its pretty cool gallery and also the café above the gallery is nice. We could go there together when we find some exhibition interesting :-)

  2. To je parádní prostor, Mary!!! A dobře nafoceno!