Thursday, May 10, 2012

My favourite places in Prague

Paul bakery on I.P. Pavlova is quite different that typical design I prefer but it doesnt mean I dont like it there. Just the opposite. Its great place for breakfast with someone You like. I need to admit I am a little bit addicted on those croissants.

Technical library on Dejvická metro station. Its huge and calm and beautiful. Awesome place for studying but it should be placed somewhere close to the centre. Free entrance of course. But if You want to borrow books You need to register then. 

Soup In The City restaurant. Brand new place on the corner of Jindrišská and Panská street. Modern design, good food and fair prices. There shoud me more places like this in Prague. 


  1. Ty jo, tu restauraci neznám. Budu to asi muset napravit! Děkuju za tip! :-)

  2. joo krásnej interiér :-) ale je to spíš taková polívkárna, jídlo tam mají jen jedno na výběr, vždycky kolem poledne

  3. I'm so looking forward to visiting Prague! I will bear in mind these nice places!