Saturday, May 19, 2012

Delicious tomato bean sauce.

They say that beans are healthy but thats not the reason why I like them. I dont eat them very often but what I like about them is that they are easy to prepare. This tomato beans soup was made from can that contained  white beans in tomato soup so I just put it on the pan then add some ketchup and lot of spices. Its up to You what You prefer but I added salt ( of course ), pepper, red pepper, basil, herbes de Provence, dried garlic and maybe something else I dont know. Simply: add what You like. And also keep tasting it during cooking so You are not surprised afterwards. And then I made pasta as You see and added a bit of cheese on the top and fresh basil. Enjoy!


  1. mhm, yummy.. does it refresh your brain? Cause I would really need that! I've been cramming Geography for last couple hours and I feel wasted and off-the-road :D
    Food reminds me that yday I bought some nachos, salsa and cheese sauce and I still have rest of my New-years's eve tequilla, so I can't wait to party in Mexican style after maturita is done!

  2. oh no kidding! its gonna be HUGE!but we need to work before that alot! I was so tired so I had to sleep this afternoon. and now I thought I'd go to city but its that hokey match in a minute!

  3. thanks for your comment:)
    I observe your great blog:)