Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring gallery afternoon



 Yesterday we had a pretty cool afternoon with my sister. We went for a good soup close to Vltavská station. It was a friendly place with fair prices and they also serve breakfasts there. I plan to take my boy there! Afterwards with full bellies we went to visit our dear friend / / to DOX gallery. There was a cool exhibition of huge metal things sculptured into interesting shapes. We enjoyed it a lot. Especially was interesting to see those graphic designs on the paper and then see it huge, realized in real. / as  You can see in these last two pictures / Then, in the end, we went to see a bookstore which is also part of DOX. It was amazing. / first 3 pictures /. There was lot of cool and cute books and notebooks so I felt totally amazed. I wanted to own all of them! But because of the fact that probably all of them were in english, the price wasnt that fair as the price of our tasty soup we had before. Pity! But all in all I totally recommend DOX as a cool way of spending Your afternoon. But still. There is so many things to do!


  1. I gotta go to that gallery ( with my boy :D:D) I've heard about it and it sounds awesome :) this exhibition looks cool and your photos are flawless- of course.

  2. krásné fotografie, smekám :))