Sunday, September 15, 2013

Always different Berlin experience

This summer was amazing and its hard for me to see its slowly fading. I know, Autumn wants to be there too, but I still feel I didnt have enough of these summer days. I am gonna show you some pictures from Berlin where I went with my dear friend V. We went to visit Tame Impala concert. And I met bunch of my friends living in Berlin and also R. , our friend from Los Angels. He took us to some crazy party in Dandy Diary club, which was part of the Fashion Week that was going on back then. I also met Yvan Rodic, my favorite street fashion blogger there. It was nice to see him again, I also met him once in Prague. Whole Berlin trip was great. I mean I go there pretty often but its interesting that I always get different experience. We came to turkish market, which is great place to buy vegetable, fruit or various kinds of spices. Its going every tuesday and friday. Then we visited Michel Majerus Gallery and got astonishing tour around by one amazing women who patientely kept replying to my emails about Michel. She was his friend and she was very open about our questions about his art and what have influenced him. I got to know about Michel from my favorite blog, still in berlin. ( here is the link to that post ) and he just amazed me. I am not sure if I can share the pictures from the gallery, atelier actually. So if You want check the link above.



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  1. No a teď ještě Berlín a jsem totálně in love do tvojeho blogu! ♥