Sunday, September 15, 2013

America, baby!

As You probably see, I didnt blog a lot lately. I was busy in the summer, Berlin, having fun. It was amazing. Aaand like a month ago I came back from USA trip. And now I finally have time to choose some photos to print, delete etc. I got busy with school, had two exams in September. But luckily I did it. I still have to write some papers but it should be ok. I have some pictures from this USA trip. It started in New York, I didnt get any further with this editing process . Anyway, the whole trip was for a month. We flew to New York and then we drove Pennsylvania, Washington DC. From there 2 days trip by cars to Denver (through Columbus and Kansas) in Colorado and from there 5 days trip to San Francisco, from there by highway 1 to Los Angeles and back to SF. From there back to Denver and later on from Denver->New York->London->Prague. I've learned so many things. Experienced so many things. And I realized so many things. One of them was that I need to go back. Because everytime I was leaving some place I felt like I still have so many things to see there.