Sunday, September 22, 2013

Amazing view.

That is something I've experienced for so many times in America. These pictures are from Denver, Colorado. First one shows amazing view on Rocky mountains, second one is exactly from Rocky mountains, place called Red Rocks. It is amazing place, actually the amphitheater, the highest placed one in the world. Unfortunately we didnt stay for any of the shows, but Bruno Mars was concerting there the other day. Must be amazing experience because as I heard, the natural acoustics  is just amazing. The third picture is a view from Denver Art museum, which you can also see in the fourth one. It was another amazing experience, this whole museum is so huge that I could easily spend the whole day there. It has the old and the new, modern part, which probably acttracted me more. I visited great exhibition of Nick Cave and another breathtaking exhibitions, the permanent ones. I had great guides. Woman whitch czech origins, art expert, and her daughter, the artist. I really enjoyed the discussion we had. It only showed me that each of us have its own point of view on... actually anything. The whole world. And its just so inspirative to hear the other one than your own. To share it.

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  1. uzasne fotky!

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