Thursday, January 9, 2014

little pieces make the complex

long time no see, hm? I realize I miss this. I dont photograph anymore. I feel like some part of me dissapeared. My camera is in the shelf, lonely sitting, waiting for a chance. And I feel overloaded with emotions, duties and the world around me. I still make some pictures with my phone though. And soon I will photograph again because I am leaving to Copenhagen to live there for five moths within Erasmus programme. So can't wait to share that with you!
2013 was superawesome. I did lot of travelling, met amazing new people, finished my first book(textbook for highschools), played in supercool student movie and had the best sushi in my life. But what I believe is that 2014 will be even more kickass! With lot of fun and opportunities. So do what makes you happy, guys!


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